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Visual Frights: THE OTHER DEAD #6 crashes to a climax

THE OTHER DEAD #6 of 6 (IDW, March 19, 2014 release date) Writer/Co-Creator: Joshua Ortega. Co-Creator: Digger T Mesch. Art:…

Visual Frights: Advanced Preview of THE AUTEUR #2

THE AUTEUR #2 (ONI PRESS, April 16, 2014 release date) Written by Rick Spears. Illustrated by James Callahan. Colored by…

VISUAL FRIGHTS: “Different” is too mild a word for THE AUTEUR
Auteur cover

THE AUTEUR #1 of 5. (ONI Press, March 2014). Adult content suggested for mature readers. What catches attention immediately is…

13 Amazing Packaging Designs
Image 98937.jpg

1Couleur Nouveau Wine This wine packaged in a paint bucket is a design concept by Lithuania-based ad agency, McCann Vilnius. Created to help commemorate Beaujolais Nouveau — the release of new red wines from the French region of Beaujolais — the bucket of wine acts as a storage as well as a handy pouring device. It also comes with a color chart, letting the drinker know how many glasses of wine it might take to “paint” your teeth various shades of purple. So, who wants to come over for a painting party? (Source | Via)2Happy Eggs Eco-friendly egg packaging made of hay. Designed by Maja Szczypek from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her design made it to the finals of the 2013 Make Me! contest – a competition for young designers. (Source)3Coca-Cola Sharing Can The new Coca-Cola sharing can continues the lessons our mom’s taught us.While water is always the healthiest choice for a thirst quencher, it is also true that an ice cold carbonated beverage can be mighty delicious. The sharing-can, so far only available in Singapore, looks like a standard 12 oz. can of soda, but a twist splits it into two 6 oz. cans – perfect to share or save. (Source)4Bzzz Armenian Honey Packaging designers from Backbone Studio conceived a wooden beehive to contain a jar of honey. This simple enclosure reflects the visual design language of the ecologic apiary, only without the bees. (Source)5Vodka Bottle German designer Johannes Schulz has created an eye-catching new concept for a bottle of vodka. The undeniable focal point of Spine Vodka is the three-dimensional spine and ribcage featured within each bottle. It’s meant to convey the idea that the alcoholic beverage has a real “backbone” that buyers can trust. Whether the design will intrigue people or gross them out is still up for debate. (Source | Photo)6Fit Buns Bread A fitness center teamed up with a local bakery to produce these “Fit Buns,” aptly packaged to to look like the chiseled six-pack of a muscular man. This packaging by Ukrainian ad agency MEX was wildly successful and increased fitness center clients by 25% in a month.(Source | Via)7The Hang Of It Paper Bag No ordinary handles on these bags – they are actually two detachable cardboard hangers. Design by Aliki Rovithi. (Source)8Here…

Juiced: How to Make Mass-Produced Wine Taste Great
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Here’s something from WIRED » Science: Visit site:  Juiced: How to Make Mass-Produced Wine Taste Great

Space Radiation Remains Major Hazard for Humans Going to Mars
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We think this is a cool post from WIRED » Science: See the article here:  Space Radiation Remains Major Hazard…

Improve the Food, Not Just the Food Label (Op-Ed)
Image shopping-labels-131111.jpg

Look at this from LiveScience.com: Excerpt from:  Improve the Food, Not Just the Food Label (Op-Ed)

Manning changes legal name to Chelsea
Image gty_bradley_manning_dm_121108_wg-600x337.jpg

We think this is a cool post from Boing Boing: More here:   Manning changes legal name to Chelsea

A notable ‘couch gag’ on The Simpsons, in which we travel inside Homer’s brain
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This is an interesting item from Boing Boing: This article is from:   A notable ‘couch gag’ on The Simpsons, in…

The "numbers station" of YouTube
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A fascinating post over at Boing Boing: See the article here -  The "numbers station" of YouTube

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